Understanding Industrial Equipment and Our Manufacturing Legacy

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Advice For Convenience Stores Buying Bagged Ice


If you have your own convenience store, an important product you'll end up supplying to customers regularly is bagged ice. As such, it's important to always have a decent supply stocked up. You can have smooth transactions with this product if you take the following actions.

Identify Consumer Demand

If you're looking to always have bagged ice at your convenience store, then you need to spend time analyzing the consumer demand for said product. Then you can figure out what quantities of bagged ice you need to keep around each week, thus keeping you from running out.

You can track the sales of bagged ice each week and then judge future orders off these numbers. If the demand for bagged ice goes up or down, you'll see this in the sales and can then respond accordingly when putting in orders with a wholesale ice supplier.

Find a Variety That Doesn't Easily Melt

One of the most important qualities of bagged ice found at convenience stores is the amount of time it takes to melt. You want this time to be as long as possible because it will give your customers added value and that can help with repeated purchases in the future.

You can gauge this factor of bagged ice by consulting with multiple wholesale suppliers. They may have already performed research on melting times and that would save you a lot of work. You just need to find a supplier that provides a bagged ice variety that remains solid the longest.

Opt For Drawstrings

There are a number of ways bagged ice can be designed, and it's important to focus on this aspect when purchasing from a wholesale supplier because it will affect sales. If you want to deliver an optimal experience for customers looking for bagged ice, then go with a variety that includes drawstrings.

They'll give customers an easy way to grab bagged ice without having to worry about cold temperatures around their hands. They can also use this drawstring to keep ice inside the bag, which adds even more value to your customers.

Bagged ice is an important resource that convenience stores provide to the public. If you're looking to purchase some from a wholesale supplier, you need to do your research as far as ice variety, quality, and price. Then you can put in an order and know it's going to help your convenience store push a lot of this product consistently.

For more information, contact a wholesale ice supplier such as Ice Plant Inc.


5 July 2022