Understanding Industrial Equipment and Our Manufacturing Legacy

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3 Things To Know When Buying Teardrop Pallet Racks


The right pallet racking system can improve the safety and performance of your warehouse. Teardrop pallet racks are some of the most popular styles of pallet racking systems in use today. The more you know about these unique pallet racks, the better equipped you will be to select the teardrop pallet rack that can best meet the needs of your warehouse over time.

1. All Components Must Match

Teardrop pallet racks can be divided into two style categories—the older round button teardrop beam and the newer shaved button teardrop beam. You must know the difference between these two systems in order to purchase a pallet rack that will perform properly.

All of the components within your new teardrop pallet rack must match one another. The newer shaved button teardrop beams have been designed to integrate into any existing system, but the older round button teardrop beams are not compatible with newer pallet racks.

Identify the type of equipment you have in your warehouse already so that you can invest in new teardrop pallet racking that will integrate seamlessly into your storage system.

2. No Hardware Is Needed

One of the reasons that teardrop pallet racks are so popular is the fact that no hardware is needed to construct these types of racking systems.

Each of the vertical pillars in a teardrop pallet rack features a series of inverted teardrop-shaped holes. The buttons on the horizontal beams slide into these holes and remain secure without the use of screws or other types of hardware.

You won't have to keep track of spare hardware or worry about tightening screws on a regular basis when you choose to install a teardrop pallet rack in your warehouse.

3. Invest in Aftermarket Safety Clips

Although teardrop pallet racks require no hardware to maintain their structure, modern teardrop beams do come with an attached safety clip that helps to lock the beam in place. These factory safety clips tend to break off as a result of poor installation or forklift use.

You should plan on investing in some aftermarket J-lock style clips for your teardrop pallet racks to ensure the safety of all employees and products within your warehouse.

Pallet racks make it easier to store a large volume of products in your warehouse. By choosing a teardrop pallet rack, you can streamline the construction of your racking system and ensure that your products remain safe and accessible.


4 May 2022