Understanding Industrial Equipment and Our Manufacturing Legacy

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Tips For Your Home's Water Pump System


The pumping system for your home's pool plays an essential role in keeping the water clear and clean. While the pump is an essential part of your pool, you may not give this particular component the level of attention and thought that it demands.

Consider An Energy Efficient Pool Pump System

In order to keep the water clear, the pool pump will need to run for the majority of the time. This can result in the unit utilizing a vast amount of power over the course of a month. Reducing the amount of power that the pool pump will require can significantly reduce the amount of power that you will have to pay for. Fortunately, there are pumping systems that can provide powerful circulation while still requiring as little power as possible.

Review The Option Of Solar-Powered Pool Pumps

Another option that you may be able to use for reducing the amount of power that your pump requires is solar-powered systems. These systems will be able to produce enough power to significantly reduce the amount of electricity that is drawn to the pump from the electrical grid. While the solar panels may not be able to provide enough power to completely sustain the pump, they will still be able to dramatically reduce the overall power that the pump requires. These panels can be a fairly expensive upgrade to make to your pump, but they will likely pay for themselves over the lifetime of your pool pump.

Ensure Your Pool Pump Is Protected Against The Elements

The pool pump will be a complex mechanical system that will have to withstand exposure to the elements as well as the intense strain of regular use. To keep your home's pool pump running efficiently, it will need to be properly winterized and serviced at regular intervals. The winterization process is especially critical as it will reduce the chances of the system experiencing major damage as a result of the pressure that freezing water will be able to put on the walls and tubing of the pump. Eventually, this damage could be severe enough to require the entire pump to be replaced, which could be expensive as well as disruptive. At a minimum, the winterization process for your pump will require all of the water in it to be drained out, but your pump may have additional steps that need to be taken to provide it with adequate protection against winter damage. 

For more information, contact your local energy efficient pool pump manufacturers.  


31 March 2021