Understanding Industrial Equipment and Our Manufacturing Legacy

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Three Reasons Why You Might Want To Use Rubber Grommets In Place Of Metal Washers


Rubber grommets, for all intents and purposes, are rubber washers. Most of them have a hole in the middle and look like their metal washer counterparts in shape and size, but they are used in place of metal washers. If you are in the business of manufacturing different kinds of products, here are three reasons why you might want to use rubber grommets instead of metal washers.

You Want a Tighter Seal Between a Metal Bolt and One or More Metal Surfaces

Rubber grommets have a little more give. They can allow you to make a tighter seal and a tighter fit between the metal bolt or screw used and the metal surface or object into which the bolt/screw is inserted. The grommet conforms to the shape of the metal surface or object so that the bolt/screw can fasten two metal surfaces or objects very close together without them scraping. A rubber grommet also forms a tight seal between a metal pipe and another metal surface or another pipe so that liquids cannot drip or leak through.

You Do Not Want Metal Scraping on Metal

There are so many products made in industrial and manufacturing plants that require numerous metal components, many of which are joined together using metal fasteners. These metal parts can and will scrape against each other if the fully constructed products happen to move a lot. If your client requests that these metal parts do not scrape together, you may use rubber grommets to protect all metal to metal surfaces in the construction of your client's or consumers' products.

You Want Some Shock-Absorbent Properties Built into the Products

Rubber is a very good shock absorber, both for bouncy shocks and electrical shocks. Rubber grommets can be used as natural shock absorbers in your products when you know the products will be bouncing around a lot or will need extra protection against the movement they will encounter. Some manufacturers also use rubber grommets just to ship partially-assembled products so that the grommets absorb some of the bounce incurred during shipping. Rubber grommets also absorb and deflect electrical current, so if you are shipping partially-assembled electrical components, the grommets can prevent accidental electrical shock.

Ordering or Purchasing Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets are quite common. You should be able to find what you need from any industrial equipment and supply company. In a pinch, you can buy a small batch of the rubber grommets you need from a hardware store.


20 July 2016