Understanding Industrial Equipment and Our Manufacturing Legacy

I'm Sandra Adams, a blogger and enthusiast of many eclectic targets, including pottery and industrial equipment and supplies. I've traced my family tree as far back as I can go and there is not one moment where my family hasn't been involved in manufacturing. My dad worked as a mechanic repairing industrial machinery and if it wasn't for me, he wouldn't have anyone to pass down his knowledge to. I've always wanted to know what my dad was up to, so I'd ask him what he did everyday. I've always been really curious and this has lead me to develop a really strong understanding of industrial equipment. My love for industrial equipment hasn't waned and now I feel like sharing this knowledge with others. I've created this blog for this exact purpose.

The Ultimate Woodworkers Tool: The Bandsaw


If you are an amateur woodworker who is looking to move beyond table saws and jigsaws, then you need to get a bandsaw. These tools are the absolutely indispensable and will allow you to tackle an amazing array of projects. If you are in the mood for making free hand, abstract wood sculptures, then the bandsaw is your tool. If you want to make classic wooden duck decoys, then the bandsaw does the job. Of course, if you want to make a decorative box, then nothing surpasses the bandsaw.

Here is what you need to know about how a bandsaw works and why it will turn out to be your best saw.

Not Your Typical Saw

The first thing to know about a bandsaw is that it does not operate like a regular saw. Unlike table saws and circular saws, the blade on a bandsaw is long and thin. It is wrapped around two wheels, a wheel at the top and a wheel at the bottom. These wheels have tires on them to prevent the blade from grinding down. The wheels themselves will never have to be replaced, but you might occasionally need to get new bandsaw tires.

It's All About The Curves

The main advantage to using a bandsaw is that you can cut curves and move the wood around the blade. This is something that is impossible to do with most other power saws. With a large, bulky, fixed blade like a table saw, you have to make straight cuts. This limits the designs you can attempt. Because you can move the wood in any direction around bandsaw blades, you can make circular cuts, as well as beautiful, wavy curves.

Resawing: Only With The Bandsaw

If you've been working with lumber for any length of time, you know that there are two popular cuts: cross-cuts and rips. These cuts are both possible with a table saw. A third cut, the resaw, is only possible with a bandsaw. A resaw cut is one that cuts the wood in half, width wise. The table saw cannot handle this cut. So, if you are interested in fine cabinet making, which will often call for a resaw, then you will love the bandsaw.

Creativity Unleashed

If you are looking to move beyond simple tables and boxes, then you will need a bandsaw. If you want to make a box with rounded edges, then you need to be able to move the wood around the saw. Likewise, if you're looking to make any sort of artistic sculpture, then you will need the freedom that a bandsaw provides. It is the ultimate tool for your woodshop.


28 May 2015