Understanding Industrial Equipment and Our Manufacturing Legacy

I'm Sandra Adams, a blogger and enthusiast of many eclectic targets, including pottery and industrial equipment and supplies. I've traced my family tree as far back as I can go and there is not one moment where my family hasn't been involved in manufacturing. My dad worked as a mechanic repairing industrial machinery and if it wasn't for me, he wouldn't have anyone to pass down his knowledge to. I've always wanted to know what my dad was up to, so I'd ask him what he did everyday. I've always been really curious and this has lead me to develop a really strong understanding of industrial equipment. My love for industrial equipment hasn't waned and now I feel like sharing this knowledge with others. I've created this blog for this exact purpose.

Three Ways An Electrician Can Help You Green Your Home


Trying to live a green lifestyle usually starts with your diet and the way you run your home. For example, you may decide to stop using chemicals that harm the environment. You may also stop using certain appliances in order to save energy. If you are looking for ways to further your green lifestyle, you may be surprised to find that your electrician can offer assistance. Here are three ways an electrician can help you green your home and push you further into a green lifestyle.

Installing Energy Saving Outlets

Energy saving outlets are way to reduce the amount of energy used by an item or through an outlet. Energy can be consumed through an empty outlet or through items plugged into the outlet even when the item is off. This is referred to as vampire energy. This may seem minor on most power bills, but it can account for a larger chunk of money and energy waste throughout the year. Your electrician can install energy saving outlets that use a timer based system to turn off the outlet after a specific amount of inactivity.

Installing Solar Generators

One way some people are going green in their home is by installing a solar generator. These generators can be set to work all the time, or only during designated times during the day. Your electrician can help you choose the right solar panels, install those panels, and ensure the house is properly wired for the switch to solar from electricity. They can also set up timers that switch from electric to solar automatically.  

LED Light Upgrades

LED lights are a choice by many green lifestyle enthusiasts for several reasons. One of the reasons is due to the fact they don't radiate heat. If you have a room that uses a lot of light sources, the heat from those sources can make the temperature of the room fluctuate.

You can avoid this with LED options. They tend to use less electrical energy and they last longer than traditional lighting options. You can have your electrician upgrade your lighting sources to LED sources. For example, you can replace your kitchen lighting with LED options under the cabinets and in wall sconces. 

These are just a few ways that an electrician can help you green your home. If you have questions about what the electrical services that are available for your green living needs, call your local electrician, like those at Bader Mechanical Inc, today.


18 May 2015